How to Handle Anger God’s Way

anger & forgiveness: (Part 1) how to handle anger god’s way

( Pastor Lee Jackson FFWC)

I)      INTRODUCTION –I have been studying a book by Dr. Gary Chapman, “the other side of love” which talks about anger and how to handle it god’s way. Webster defines    anger as a universal experience among all cultures and peoples of the world.  Anger as a strong passion or emotion of displeasure and usually antagonism, excited by a sense of injury, INSULT or injustice.  Anger is a response to some event in life that causes us irritation, frustration, pain.  it may INVOLVE DISAPPOINTMENT, hurt, rejection or embarrassment. TEXT:

II)     WHAT IS origin of anger?

A)    Dr. Chapman believes the human capacity for anger is rooted in the nature of god:  that is that god is holy and god is love.

B)   The word anger is found 455 times in the ot; 375 of these times it spoke of god’s anger.  In the nt we see that Jesus experienced anger against the money changers in the temple and against the scribes & pharisees.

C)    The psalmst said “god is angry at the wicked every day.” (ps 7:11 kjv)

D)    God loves us and wants us to do what is right so that we can have the good life he intended for us. (deut 30:15-16 kjv)

III)  Anger of itself is not inherently evil or sinful

A)     Eph 4:26:  “be angry and sin not, let not the sun go down upon your wrath.”

B)    Dr Chapman says that anger is evidence that we were made in god’s image

C)    When we lose our capacity for anger we have lost our sense of moral concern and outrage over evil

D)   We were created in god’s image, even though that image has been marred by sin like god, we have sense of what is right and wrong.  even pagans will say things like “that is not fair or that is not right!”

E)   We get angry when we preceive some-thing to be wrong or unjust.

IV)   What is the purpose of anger?

A)   In the ot god would get angry with Israel when they disobeyed.   His anger was motivated by his love for them.

B)   He would send a prophet to warn them & if they repented his anger subsided; his love for them is evident even in his anger. (Jer 3:12-14 niv)

C)   God’s design for us is that anger would motivate us to positive, loving action to set the wrong right; it is not designed to stimulate us to do or say  destructive things to people who have wronged us.

D)    Slavery was abolished in England because people like the Quakers became angry at the injustice that they saw and started an antislavery movement.

E)    madd – mothers against drunk drivers was formed because judges were giving drunk drivers a slap on the wrist after repeated offenses.

V)    How can i make anger productive?

A)    Consciously acknowledge to yourself and God that you are angry

B)    Restrain you immediate response; there is a brief moment before we erupt in unbridled anger when we can control the response.  (count to 10 or 100)

  • Pro 29:11 (NIV) A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.

C)   Locate the focus of your anger:  ask yourself “why am i so angry?” a man is angry at his wife for going out with her sister, but upon reflection he realizes that his real anger is because he feels neglected.  this is a good time to assess the level of your anger: are you over reacting? could you be misunderstanding the situation?

D)   Analyze your options: you could tell them how stupid they are; you could throw a dish at him; you could walk out and refuse to talk to her…

  • for the christian there are only two options:  1) to lovingly confront the person, 2) to overlook the matter and release the offense to god.
  • your parent’s may have disappointed you all your life:  treated your brother or sister better than you, failed to recognize your achievements, etc.  now they are in their 80’s.  when it happens again do you confront them or give it go god?
  •  Pro 19:11  (nasb) A man’s discretion makes him slow to anger, And it is his glory to overlook a transgression.

E)    Take constructive action



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