Wanted Role Models and Mentors

Wanted: Role Models & Mentors

(Pastor Lee Jackson – FFWC)

  1. INTRODUCTION – WE live in a culture in which being a mother has been greatly devalued.  if you don’t believe it ask most female HIGH AND college students what they would like to be in life.  few will say “i want to have a family and be a mother to my children and a good wife to my husband.” their friends would laugh at that.  it is only years later do they begin to change their mind – after years of dating guys that do not want to make a commitment, many empty sexual relationships and a career is often not all that fulfilling.  and yet ask most of kids and young adults from 13 to 30 who the most important person is in their life.  most will say “my mother”!  what does the bible say about role models and mentors for our young women?
  2. text: proverbs 31:10 – 31 nkjv

III.           lets try to itemize the qualities of this godly woman, wife & mother:

she is faithful & trustworthy to her husband

she is industrious (hard working) for her family

she has developed skills to make money

she uses her time productively

she is compassionate to the poor

she is kind to her servants

she is wise in her business dealings

she honors and respects her husband

she is honored and respected:  her husband praises her and children rise up and call her blessed

IV. how does this woman compare to what is portrayed on the tv, magazines and media as a role model for our young women?

did you know: by the time our kids are in middle school they begin to look to their peers for what is socially acceptable & desirable.

their ability to communicate with their friends & strangers has been greatly enhanced by technology: internet, instant messaging, email, cell phone, texting & social networking sites: Myspace, FACE BOOK etc.

i believe that most parents would be very surprised & alarmed by what their kids are saying to their friends & how they represent themselves on these social networking sites.

all too often our kids are looking at CELEBRITIES as role models.

they keep up with these celebrities through the media, which exploit the celebrities bad behavior to sell MAGAZINES & tv achieve ratings.

current edition of girl’s life magazine – PURPORTED to be a magazine for girls 10 years & cover page with articles: 100 ways to look cute, make him yours, score a spring break body, are you cheating on your bFF.  magazine read by 3 million girls.

the EMPHASIS is upon outward appearance, getting boys & sex

prov 31:30:  “charm is deceitful and beauty is passing.  but a woman who fears the lord.  she shall be praised.”

our daughters & young people need godly, positive role models.

V.  young timothy had strong godly women in his life (2timothy 1:3-8 nkjv)

paul recognized his godly heritage: gmother lois, mother eunice.

timothy was SUSCEPTIBLE to peer pressure as our kids are (vs 8).

paul reminded him of his godly heritage & told him to “stir up the gift that was given him through the laying on of paul’s hands.” the spiritual development of our children must be a priority and must be intentional.  it does not just happen they need our prayers, support and prodding.

radio program “mary lee demoss” women wearing t-shirts: i was a hypocrite, i was a liar, i was a NARCISSIST & other, opportunity to testify of how Jesus had changed them and their lives, their values.

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